Upper Echelon Shoes x Steve Madden

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Photo: Upper Echelon

Given the buzz that Steve Madden has very recently generated over some bold, Prada-related comments, Upper Echelon Shoes has stumbled onto a golden press opportunity. The sneaker label commonly known as UES has partnered with the international shoe giant to expand both their markets. With celebrity clients ranging from Gwen Stefani to Anne Hathaway, “UES has positioned itself as a pioneer in the sneaker industry and Steve has long since established his dominance in other areas of footwear,” states designer Seth Campbell.  “With the sharing of resources and ideas, the potential for this partnership is truly limitless.” Perhaps this is just the platform Steve Madden needs to show off that creativity he’s been going on about.


UES designer, Seth Campbell, will helm the brand’s design while Madden aids in its expansion, production and distribution. Both men’s and women’s styles will be available.


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